In the Bible studies in this site you will be asked to question if what you know is the truth or not. If you find one area or one thing that is taught is not taught or you discover it was not taught correctly where you attend church then we recommend you do one thing seek God about it. Actually ask Him for His advice but read I John 4:1-3 before you do. (John 14:26)

  1. Paradise Vs Heaven
    Some have had trouble distigushing between heaven and paradise, that they were one and the same.

  2. Part I - The Soul
    The soul is the mind, will and emotions.

  3. Part II - The Spirit
    The spirit is where life is, it is our connection to God.

  4. Part III - The Flesh
    The flesh is just a vehicle that gets us around, and causes most of our problems.

  5. Part III - The Spirit, Soul and Flesh
    Now let's review what we have learned in the previous 3 studies.

  6. Partnership
    God's perfect way...

  7. Pastors
    The following few pages can be the biggest blessing and help you will ever get...

  8. Patience
    Do you know the best way to get patience is also the best way to grow closer to God, that is by waiting to hear His voice.

  9. Peace I
    When you are saved it is by the love of God and the first fruit of the Spirit you get, and then due to your salvation joy will come, but what about peace.

  10. Peace II
    Part II to Peace

  11. Peace of God
    Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth,

  12. Pharisees or Pastor
    Some Christian leaders today are no different that the Pharisees of 2,000 years ago.

  13. Plan of God
    Here it is the Bible study that covers Genesis to Revelation, and explains the plan God has and has for you.

  14. Porno Addicition

  15. Power and Wisdom of God
    The power and wisdom of God are not ours, but they are ours to use, and we should use them.

  16. Power of Love
    Oh yes there is more power in love than you can imagine, look at what it did for your salvation

  17. Power of God
    Have you ever considered the true power of God?

  18. Power of Words
    Do you realize the power in words, that what you say has power to it, and if you are not careful you can even say your own demise.

  19. Power of the Spoken Word
    There is power in the spoken word.

  20. Praise
    Did you know after you pray you should always praise.

  21. Praise Reports and Testimonies
    Praise reports are normally the present, where a testimony goes back as far as you can remember.

  22. Prayer
    Prayer is the most powerful tool God gave us.

  23. Prayer is Private and of One Accord
    To be of God one must be of one mind or one accord with God; anything less misses the target.

  24. Preconceived Notions
    by Pastor S Fuentes

  25. Predestination
    Dealing with the question are we or are we not predestine.

  26. Predestined II
    This study will once and for all answer the question of predestination.
  27. Prejudice and Physical Life

  28. Pride or Arrogance
    I am writing this study based on an email I got; through the email I realized they were mocking me and making fun of me

  29. Problem Solving
    I am using my past to help show most of our problems in resolving our problems in life.

  30. Prodigal Son, We Are All The
    The purpose of this life is to go to a real life; what I mean is one that is not limited.

  31. Promises of God
    This study is about how we can receive the promises of God and why we have not so far.

  32. Proper Attitude for 100 Fold Production
    This study comes from the desk of Gerald Davis

  33. Prophecy I
    Do you know the importance of numbers in the kingdom.

  34. Prophecy II
    Part II continues with the impotance of numbers.

  35. Prospure
    You have been blessed since the beginning, all Jesus did was finish it on the cross.
  36. Purpose of Life!
    We must first understand how division came between man and God before we study the true purpose of life, which has been lost for most.

  37. Pure as Gold
    Gold melted to it's purest is able to be seen right through.

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