In the Bible studies in this site you will be asked to question if what you know is the truth or not. If you find one area or one thing that is taught is not taught or you discover it was not taught correctly where you attend church then we recommend you do one thing seek God about it. Actually ask Him for His advice but read I John 4:1-3 before you do. (John 14:26)

  1. Obedience Part I
    The following study comes from the daily devotional "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers.

  2. Obedience II
    Did you know obediance over sacrifice is what is asked for by God, not the other way around.

  3. Obey His Voice
    I have done a few studies and a book about hearing from God and for some reason that will be revealed in this study many still do not seek to hear His voice or believe one can.

  4. Offense, Offend, Offensive, Offended
    In a previous study on racism I dealt with hate, racism, animosity and enmity but what causes all of these is offense.
  5. Old and New
    When reading the Old Testament remember it is the old for a reason.

  6. Old Vs New

  7. Of Royal Blood
    That's right you are of royal blood.

  8. One Accord
    Acts 2:1-3 they were all of one accord

  9. Original Thought
    Did you know you have never had an original thought, all you have thought, has been thought before.

  10. Ouch
    Can you say Ouch?

  11. Outside The Gates
    The New Testament records that Messiah died outside the gates. Did you ever wonder why?

  12. Our Sins Are...
    So often we forget that our sins are forgiven.

  13. Our Walk With God
    When we come into this world we are born male or female

  14. Overcoming
    How to overcome the problems of life.

  15. Overcoming Weapons of War Part II
    If you want to be delivered this is the study for you.

  16. Overcoming Self-Centeredness
    Remember Adam's sin was due to being self-centered and not being God centered.

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