1. How Can We Operate in His Power, Love, Etc?
  2. The Truth is . . .
  3. The End
  4. Truth Vs the Lie
  5. Prayer is Private and of One Accord
  6. Tithe is...
  7. Purpose of Life!
  8. Do Not Wait Until it's too Late!!
  9. Church Means Community
  10. Who and What Are You?
  11. Your Thoughts Will Do You In!
  12. Hearing
    Moses was 80 and Abraham was 75 before they heard.
  13. Don't
    Judge the Lord based on His followers!
  14. Hearing From God III
    How and why we should hear.
  15. As a Child
    Keys to being of God.
  16. Three Steps
    to actually having a relationship with God
  17. Desire, Needs, and Wants

  18. Desire of Your Heart

  19. Old Vs New

  20. Truth and Tithe Physical Vs Spiritual

  21. Prejudice and Physical Life

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