In the Bible studies in this site you will be asked to question if what you know is the truth or not. If you find one area or one thing that is taught is not taught or you discover it was not taught correctly where you attend church then we recommend you do one thing seek God about it. Actually ask Him for His advice but read I John 4:1-3 before you do. (John 14:26)

  1. Racism by Any Other Name is still Hate
    Racism is basically hate and nothing more.
  2. Refiner, The
    Do you need refining?

  3. Relationship
    Our relationship with God is what it is all about.

  4. Relationship II
    In our relationship with God we learn what love really is.

  5. Religion
    You can be religious to your television.

  6. Religion II
    Religion is one of the biggest problems with Christians.

  7. Religion of Christ
    Religion and Christ are not one and the same thing.

  8. Repentance
    To repent, to change, turn 180% away from what you were.

  9. Rest In The Lord
    Vacations for rest, now there is an idea, but even more restful is the rest you can get in the Lord.

  10. Resist The Devil (Audio & Text Version)
    and he must flee.

  11. Responsibility
    Every Christian has certain responsibilities.

  12. Revelation Knowledge: Love
    All who will open their minds, and seek God to know what follows, will learn the truth about God and how to be of God.

  13. Revelation - Tribulation - Wrath - Love
    Did you know that the wrath of God comes after tribulation, it is all poured out in one hour, Matthew 24.

  14. Revelation - Tribulation II
    Tribulation is a time where God tries to get the attention of the most stubborn of people.

  15. Review
    To some this will be a review to some it will be new. It is needed to review at least once a quarter.

  16. Riches
    You can have money and things as long as they do not have you.

  17. Right or Wrong?
    Whether someone is right or wrong is not what really counts

  18. Robbers of God?
    Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.

  19. Role of the Government in The Kingdom of God
    I know some of you are wondering about the role of the government in the church and the body of Christ.

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If you read Malachi 3:10-12 and then Mark 4:12-18 you will see where the tithe can and will increase your knowledge of the word and of God. The tithe is more than just giving 10% to a church, it is a way for God to have authority in your life over all that matters, your income, your growth, even relationships. Out of about 30 people I have known for the past 10+ years only 5 tithed. The 5 of the 20 that tithed have increased in every area of their life. Where the other 15 have increased some, they are still light years behind the 5 who tithed in all areas. It is your choice, but do not tithe until you understand the tithe and what it does for you and do it from the heart and not the head.

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