Apostles Creed - was written about 50 years after the New Testament was written.

Basic Trivia - Time Line.

Bible - King James Version of the Bible - after a decade of research the KJV is the one we've found with no real errors. This one can be searched and printed.

Depressed - For those who feel there is nothing to live for anymore...

Do You Have Problems? Then Read This

Learn how to overcome - problems of life today

Jesus' Life in Pictures - View the life of Jesus from some of the most known masters.

Little Known Verses - of the Word of God.

Meet the Lord

New Testament translation, and other books - Written by Pastor Wilhite of H.O.M.E..

Only Those Who Truly Want to Know God... should read this...

Salvation - Visit here to find out why you need to be saved.

Seeking God? Then do not forget to visit this area of H.O.M.E..

Spiritual and Emotional Test

Statement of Faith - Read our statement of faith.

Why, do I need to be saved? God Loves you and wants you to have life more abundant here and now and in the next life as well...