Do You Have Problems, Then Read This.

Pastor J. R. Wilhite, author

I get emails constantly from people who are struggling, not just with life and the horrors of the day (9-11, terror attacks, etc), but struggling to be a Christian, not to back slide. It should not be a struggle if you know how to grow, and learn how to turn over the problems to God.

Being of God is not being a "Holier than thou" type; the opposite is true. It is being a person who, by a one on one relationship with God (actually hearing His voice not just His word), can forgive, not judge others, and live life as He meant it, not as the world dictates it or wants you to believe.

To do this spend 30 minutes a day in a quiet place free of distractions and ask God to talk. Do not say anything after that; just listen. Do this for however long it takes. I know that for some it took only days, others months, but it is worth however long you spend. In the end you will not only live life in all of its blessings and peace, but with love and compassion. No, the problems do not go away; you just learn how to live this life with them instead of living this life for them. (John 14:26, I John 2:27 and most important I John 4:1-3) When you hear from God Romans 8:16 is what you will hear and all doubts will be gone.

How do you know who is a fake and who is real (Christian)? You do not until God can talk to you and you can hear from Him. He did not stop talking, we stopped listening.

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