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Just feel like life is not worth living?

Think the world would be better off without you?

Any of the above fit you and how you feel now or some of the time?

Then you are on the right page; I will show you why you do count and need to be here.

I had a chain of Comic and Game (role-playing) stores. I sold products that now I know were dangerous at best. Yes, I know not everyone is affected by role playing games, but if it adversly affects only one person then that is to many.

If it had not been for someone praying for me, I would still be in that business. Instead of building where over 30,000 have been saved.

Think about it, just one person prayed for me and look where I have come from and where I am today.

You do not know whom you may be able to help, and if you are not here, then how can you help anyone?

I have even had those thoughts, "what good am I?", "I am not needed anymore!" and so on, but I was wrong. I had surgery on Friday April 14, 2000 and the relatively simple procedure became a massive 12-hour surgery. When they cut me open to work on my back and then sowed me back they cut an artery. So the next day the pain was so bad I wanted out of this life. I asked the Lord why I could not leave. He only said I was not done yet. I thought, why not? since I had someone who could take over and it would only take about 30 minutes a day since is mostly automated now. But on Monday 2 days later I was up and around. I went down to the smoker's area to see what was going on. I prayed for more than 30 people that day. One was a 65-year-old man not doing too well. The next day I heard he was much better, and would be out soon. That told me that God still needed me to use for prayer for others. So I am still needed and so are you.

Take a moment and think about it Is there anyone in your family who is not saved? How about friends, any of them not saved? Then how about neighbors? Well, if there are any who are not saved, then you need to be here to pray for them and point the right path out to them.

This does not take into account any thing else God may have in plan for you in the future.

Even if you have no family, no friends, nor any neighbors, I and all of us at need you. I can never have enough friends.

Others and I need you to pray with and for us.

Depression is tough to get through, but it is possible and most likely can happen with the help of the Lord. How long it will take and how hard are up to you. The more time you put into the Lord, the faster and easier it will be.

Any of you ever think of taking your life?

That day all seemed hopeless and then the next day came and it seemed not so hopeless. Aren't you happy you did not comit suicide?

Remember, there are always better days and of course there will always be bad days also.

When you start getting down start reading in your Bible and if you have to think of previous days, then think about the good ones.

I promise there is nothing so bad that can not be overcome. It always seems the worst at the point when depression wants to enter.

Yes, we can use you. We need more prayer warriors to pray over the daily prayer requests.

We also need help monitoring the chat room. These are just two areas we have now with more coming. At the bottom of this page you can join any of our lists for weekly Bible studies, daily prayers, chat, and evangelizing the web.

Bible Study on Suicides and Depression

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