Spiritual and
Emotional Test

Pastor J. R. Wilhite, author

The following 5 questions are based on problems presented to me over the years by others and some that I have had to deal with personally. Some are very straightforward and deal with emotions while others are spiritual. You need to be totally honest and open while taking this test; if not, don't waste your time because this can only help those who are truly seeking to grow in all areas.

In time I will add more, but for now these 5 are very powerful.

1. While driving, if a person cuts you off doing 70 MPH in a 55 mph zone, how would you react?

Get mad

Curse them

Wish them the worst

Wish them the best and pray they make it safely

The answer is most likely one of the first 3 for most, but should be the last. This is because we have no idea if they are in a rush with a pregnant wife, injured child, or just did not see us. Consider how many times you have cut someone off not seeing them and then felt like a fool.

2. When seeing others talking, do you feel they are talking about you?


Most of the time

All the time


It should be never. if it were all or most of the time you may be paranoid and need deliverance from it.

3. How often do you wish you were not alive or never born?

Sometimes (1-5 times in my life)

Most of the time

All of the time


We all probably have felt this sometime in our life, and the ones who say never are either very fortunate or not truthful with themselves. If it is Most or All of the time you need deliverance from this. It is not normal and you need to realize that you are needed. No matter what you think, you are needed, if for nothing else but to pray for others (and myself) who need each and every one of us and that is millions of people.

4. If you saw some children, say 7 or younger, out playing with no supervision what would you think of the parents?

They are idiots to let them out

They do not care about their children and will be those who (if something bad happens) say that they never thought it would happen to them.

They are a little more comfortable with the neighborhood than I am; maybe I should warn them.

They have the blood and trust in it to the point of all security for all they have including their children.

As much as I trust in the blood I am still one that believes it does not hurt to be a little more careful when it comes to children. But if you answered either of the first 2 then you need to review Matthew 7:1-15 and ask forgiveness for judging so harshly. They may not even realize the problem. The correct answer should be the last one.

5. If someone offends you how do you respond?

You come back with something that continues the offense and may lead to strife.

You think about it and what to do and say.

You forgive them and tell them you will pray for them.

You forgive them and pray for them and seek guidance in how to approach them on the subject.

If you answered the last one you are right. If it was the first one you need to spend a lot more time with God. If it was the second you are almost there and may just need a little more guidance. If you answered with the 3rd you are as bad as the first, because this will most of the time cause offense, and you realize it but are using religion to do so.

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