Basic Trivia

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7,000 - 5,000 BC Birth of Man

3500 Mesopotamia

3000 Egypt

2900 Early Dynasty- Stonehenge

2500 Old Kingdom

2300 Sphinx

2000 First Intermediary

1000 Greece for True Love

750 Birth of Rome. Romulus and Remus.

Roman Mardi Gras = Pagan Orgies.

They get in through our minds and dreams/

735 Conquest of Greece by Rome

335 Conquest of Egypt by Rome

0 AD

1 Jesus

30 Jesus starts preaching and telling all about His Father

33 Jesus dies on the cross and is resurrected and Grace starts.

90 John writes the book of Revelation

180 The Bible is formed - Apostles Creed is decided upon

312 Constantine ruler of Rome (Catholic church starts) is saved passes a law only those professing to be of Christ can own land or have power.

557 Pope Vigiliu kills Pope Silverius

1095 Crusades begin.

Pope tells Knights to go to Constantinople against Turks-Holy Land.

French set out on crusade and Romans tricked them with Mardi Gras.

Romans (Venetians) robbed Constantinople.

Insanity/Bromine(in the ocean and Chlorine tabs) Xylene (choose wisely),

insecticides, immunization injections, all vitamins and heat is cure

1305 William Wallace slain

1337 Hundred Years War

1430 Dr a cula - It a lian

1453 Turks win Constantinople

1492 Columbus arrived October 12

1707 Scotland and England join to become Great Britain

1718 French Mardi Gras New Orleans-White Southerners

1776 Declaration of Independence

1799 Napoleon

1806 Holy Roman Empire supposedly ends

1855 Civil war U.S.-(Racism) White Southerners slavery

1865 Civil war ends

1903 Wright brothers fly

1910 Mardi Gras New Orleans

1911 Italy attacks Turkey (Constantinople)

1916 World War 1/

1919 World War 1 ends

1922 Prohibition-Italian influence

1929 Depression-Money

1939 World War 2-Germany attacks Poland,

Iraqi alliance with Italy Germany and Japan

1941 Pearl Harbor, Las Vegas Strip opens

1945 War ends/Italy Germany Japan defeated

1948 (1.)The Fig Tree Blooms (UN Recognizes Israel as a Nation), (2.)NBC (Tel a vision) goes on the air, (3.)Supreme court rules Separation of Church and State

1963 Kennedy assassinated

1969 Neil Armstrong-Moon landing

1991 Iraq invades. -insect harvesting,highly intelligent

1993 Waco Tragedy. Haiti Regime.

1994 Jackie Kennedy laid to rest

1997 Princess Diana dies in France

1998 Bill Clinton and Monika Lewinsky

1999 JFK plane crash. Y2K BUG.

Soddam/Bin Laden alliance in December.

2001 9/11. Major League Soccer trade war.

2003 New York, England, Italy (Rome) blackout.

Iraq war. California fires/earthquakes. Iran earthquake

Report of International Anti US Bases conferences bases close

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