In the Bible studies in this site you will be asked to question if what you know is the truth or not. If you find one area or one thing that is taught is not taught or you discover it was not taught correctly where you attend church then we recommend you do one thing seek God about it. Actually ask Him for His advice but read I John 4:1-3 before you do. (John 14:26)

  1. Easter
    I thought about a special Bible Study for Easter, and just before I was to sit down and ask the Lord to help me I got these two short anecdotes sent to me.

  2. Elders
    Well, I do believe in the five fold ministry and elders. I just do not believe in every one that calls themselves a minister.

  3. Emotions
    Part V of V Parts dealing with just what it says Freedom from bondage.

  4. The End
    Isaiah 53 1. Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?

  5. Evil Part I
    Before I start you need to take a little more time than usual, this one is long and gets into the Strongs for the word evil.

  6. Evil Part II
    Evil is one of those misunderstood words, one that people place to high and on objects.

  7. Evil Part III
    The first thing we need to do is get evil out of our lives.

  8. Evil Part IV
    17. But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it:

  9. End, Judgement Days, The
    The following are the 8 steps to the Judgment day that have shown up or will show up.

  10. End Time Deception
    My concern is that these movies and books on the end give the impression that all believers go in the rapture when it happens.

  11. Expectations
    The top 3 reasons people come to God are:

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