In the Bible studies in this site you will be asked to question if what you know is the truth or not. If you find one area or one thing that is taught is not taught or you discover it was not taught correctly where you attend church then we recommend you do one thing seek God about it. Actually ask Him for His advice but read I John 4:1-3 before you do. (John 14:26)

  1. Keep the Father's Commandments
    If you need healing or prosperity (if you are suffering from some illness, debt, lack) then the problem is you are not following His commandments.

  2. Keys to Making A Good Marriage
    A good marriage is based on the dead opposite of what a bad marriage is based on.

  3. Knowledge of Good and Evil
    Adam ate of the Fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil. So what is the big deal?

  4. Knowledge, Understanding vs. Interpretation
    It is told to us in Hosea 4:6 we are destroyed due to a lack of knowledge. When reading it, remember in Revelation 1 we are referred to as Priests and kings.

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