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Pastor J. R. Wilhite is dedicated to the finding and knowing the truth.

We have all heard the truth will set you free, but just knowing a little bit is not enough. The truth will only set you free in the areas where you know the truth.

Now a question to see how much you do know of the truth. Which is correct?

1. We are healed by His stripes.
2. We will be healed by His stripes.
3. We were healed by His stripes.

If you answered = 3 - We were healed by His stripes - then you know the truth in the area of healing, but not the total truth just the part that tells you why and when you were healed.

Now due to this healing, are you healed in some (sickness and illness, but not injury) areas, or all areas?

If you said all areas you got it right. Are you starting to see what I am talking about? Just regarding healing there are many truths that we need to know to be totally healed.

Are healings just physical, or can they be of the mind, (soul) and/or the spirit?

If you said we were healed by the stripes Jesus took for all areas, soul, flesh and spirit you are right.

For those of you who are doubting this, read Luke 4:18, read all the healings in the four Gospels (demon possession is of the soul of the spirit).

To be healed in all areas, one has to know what they are and all about all of the healings.

Remember Satan is a liar and will do what ever he can to separate you from the truth.

H.O.M.E. is here to help you learn the truth in all areas. Not truth based on man's doctrines, but based on the word of God and God only.

The first truth you need to learn is that you need Jesus. Once you have Jesus in your life next you need to learn how to hear directly from God. Romans 8:16, John 14:26 and I John 2:27 are a few verses you can look up to learn the truth in these areas.

Jesus came to teach and save us, to better understand this answer this question. Which is better to give someone a fish or teach them how to fish?

If you said to teach them how to fish you are in the right place. If not you need to grow some before we can help you, I suggest Matthew chapters 6-7 Mark 4 & 11 and all of John.

Why don't we teach them instead of sending them to read on their own?

Most if not all at this stage have to have the desire to learn, and those who have not gotten this far need to have that desire in them. The best way is for them to read and ask questions on their own.

What we can do for all of those who desire to learn, all who have an open mind, we can help you learn what you need to enable you to hear directly from God by yourself. While you are hearing from God we can help guide you and try to help keep you as safe as possible until you are secure in your hearing from God. We will pray for you and be available to answer questions until you are ready to stand a little more on your own. We will always be here for you. It is just that in the beginning Satan will do all he can to bring you down.

So why should I grow, I mean I am saved, what more do I need?

You are right if you are saved you do not have to grow any more, but if you think Satan will leave you alone because you have stopped growing think again.

Actually this is your most vulnurable time of your life. This is when Satan is scared; scared another one will slip away from him and learn the truth.

Just remember, buried in the truth is all of your wants, cares, desires, life itself, and more.

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More Studies About the Truth

Take your time and read the studies below, re-read and re-read until you see the blessings you want to start happening in your life. And not this is not "Blab it Grab it" or "Name It Claim It". Even though I understand and agree, for the most part, with what those who do teach it say, there is just one problem and that is knowing the truth you need to be able to do what is said in Mark 11:22-26. Basically they are right, except they left out one thing - that is knowing and understanding the truth.

  1. Who Causes Bad and Good in Our Life?

  2. Before Doing Anything Else Make Sure "You Are Saved!" Click Here.

  3. Before You Start Part I "Verifying What You Hear!"

  4. Before You Start Part II "Judging"

  5. Truth "The First, Last & Best Lies Ever Told"

  6. Truth Part I "Truth or Comfort"
    There are many who get hung up on a verse or two and try to make a whole new theology out of it; this is wrong.

  7. Truth Part II "Truth in Thought"
    This is part of series of studies Called "I am blessed with of God". I never write anything before I verify it in the word and by God via the Spirit of God.

  8. Truth Part III "Truth is Really Out There"
    The truth is out there! We have heard that before on TV, people say it, and others, but it is out there.

  9. Truth Part IV "Your Thoughts & Words Judge You"
    What thoughts do you have and what words come out of your mouth?

  10. Truth Part V "Debt is a Sin"This study will deal with one of the biggest lies we have been told and believed to be true

  11. Truth Part VI "Problem Solving"
    Problem solving is something we all have to do from time to time.

  12. Truth Part VII "Word & Power"
    The truth is needed to speak the words of the Spirit and have them connect with the power of God.

  13. Truth Part VIII "You Can Be In Control"
    Words out of your mouth start as a thought and you can control both.

  14. Truth Part IX "Seed Part II"
    All thoughts were seed planted either of the Spirit of God or Satan.

  15. Truth Part X "Healing Is For All"
    Anyone who is not 100% sure about life, here, past (in womb), present and future (eternal) need to read this study.

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    ore Studies About the Lie

We have found knowing the lie helps to know the truth.

  • We Must Cast...
    If we are to grow in God and be of God we must cast...

  • Weapons of War Part I
    If you want to be delivered this is the study for you.

  • Overcoming Weapons of War Part II
    If you want to be delivered this is the study for you.

  • Spoils Weapons of War Part III
    If you want to be delivered this is the study for you it is part III.

  • Saying It Like it Is
    If you want to be delivered this is the study for you it is part IV.

  • To the Point
    If you want to be delivered this is the study for you it is part V.

  • The Wrong Guests
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  • The Lie
    If you want to be delivered this is the study for you it is part VII.

  • Who Thinks for You?
    If you want to be delivered this is the study for you it is part VIII.

  • Confidence
    Isaiah 10 (KJV)27. And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from

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