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                               "In seeking to do what is right

                                For what is right and true

                                Is of interest upon a change,


                                It is when at times what is sought

                                Is neither lost nor found

                                Rather is present but unseen..."


                                               Loren/all rights reserved






                                 "Peace be with you

                                  Wisdom to guide you,

                                  With understanding and strength

                                  And endurance and faith

                                  In seeking the kingdom of God

                                  And his righteousness..."


                                               Loren/all rights reserved





                                 AS ONE IS


                The motion of water the motion of spirit
                Moving with irresistible force through earth and time,
                A parallel with the true and sublime
                Changing course when the time is right
                Another direction it flows, stays between banks
                That are not overflowed or washed away,
                The river on the side a place to think and pray
                And at times enters another to inspire and learn
                Either greater or smaller the waters churn
                With spirit and strength it extends its life
                And then returns to a dry bed again,
                To fill between the banks on the side of the main
                Paralleling flowing with spirit in earth and time
                Seeking its source and where it is going...to
                Enhance a stream or a babbling brook, just passing
                Through a parallel with the true and sublime...




                                              Loren/all rights reserved


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