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WATERS (28 April 2005)

Sun setting close to night to fall into the darkness with star light

The waters were running deep as being traversed in darkness

Quite different from within the day and of the sun shining bright

Where the waters could be seen their swells and waves and ripples

With the varying colors of depth and perception and shallows and deeps

All as clear and with wind direction as clouds passed by within the sky,

No clouds and little light left with direction set as soon into the night

And the waters turned dark and the swells and the waves and ripples

Of time not seen passed by within such direction and with unknown depth

Fathoming into the sea and rising meeting the air of darkness and star light

As all were traversing not wandering but direction set as a compass line

Nor just going one place to another but just traveling over dark waters,

The night darkened and the waters darkened and the light darkened

Then was as the waters turned black yet the direction was compassed

With no returning or turning back as the waters were being crossed over

With a set heading a set course no time for the dangers that may or may

Not be but those within the course of thoughts as they were the only light

That guided directed the course set while crossing the waters not by sight,

There were those that feared and prayed into the emptiness without faith

As the dark waters churned and the dark waves heaved darkness all around

For there was no sky or a position to be determined as thoughts darkened

As thought soon to perish in an unknown place where nothing would be found

Where all would end without a goodbye with still things left undone unsaid

But the captain of the vessel was not without care as he knew God was there,

Surely he had breached a void venturing into dark waters unknown uncharted

Though not with that intent as there had been unmeasured underlying currents

That had brought him into the dark black waters covering continental land

With high mountains and deep valleys and rolling plains and forests and sand

Yet did not lose hope or sight but continued not looking back as in despair

As those above not yet as lost for he knew as comfort God knew he was there,

Traversing not wandering into the unknown and crossing dark uncharted water...

Loren Howell

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