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So long the days

"So long the days and short the nights in this life
Though it not for this life I had shed this body
Yea though not for escape or release but to be
At rest with my Lord and the coming charge
Of saints and martyrs and angels dressed in white
And the Four winds of God with the earth in sight
Amid the chaos and lost prayers and wars
With the downtrodden oppressed hungry and dying
And with the fatherless the worn and tired sighing,

As so many repeat the words how long and how long
Will our blood not be avenged and thine own my Lord
We ask thee to bring all things to naught with thy sword
Yet we know there are many yet not saved and many lost
Fallen away from truth and right though their soul too may
Be saved before the final call and thus for them we pray
That none should be as sacrifice as prepared for a slaughter
For there are those evil though they know of love and the Name
Of who is the way and the truth and light of Jesus the same,

O Father while we do while here on your earth so far away
Though thou doth watch and intercede for thy saints with that hope
Thou sends forth help as the rain on the just and unjust in life to cope
With the battles and famine and plagues and sorrows and death
We pray and send our petition in supplication as tears run dry
We know our Lord Jesus hears with thy Spirit ever so nigh
Though things seem so far though thou art ever present and near
We ask thee to send more when we do not use what thou giveth
And complain when we do not see or feel even thou that liveth,

It is peace that all would seek in their battles in order to have
That what hath been written and sent from above yet deny such
For their faith is in a false form and a lie thought to be divine touch
As learned from birth and not to be denied but by a few not enough
To change the ebb and flow of the tide with the love of this sphere
And not of thy kingdom and righteousness but to follow what is here
To live in worldly lust and want with no consequence to bear but death
Yet the true life thou giveth is plain and clear in response to the Word
In how to live and how to forgive and how to love is all but not heard."


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