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There is no...

There is no hope if there isn't trust

There is no respect if none shows it

There is no truth if there is no honesty

There is no calm if there is no peace

There is no self-esteem if there is none to guide

There is no joy if none reflex it

There is no laughter if none smiles

There are no jokes if none gives it

There is no god if none lives it

Did Jesus come to this earth in flesh?

There are no true believer is none practice it

There is no world if none lets you experince it

There are struggles and stones .who will teach to

go over stepping stones.

There is no meaning in life that can teach it

There is no sense of knowing and not knowing

There used to be a meaning of families, friends and


Where had they gone

An imperfect world with its changes

Where are those that makes a difference in this world

Where have they hidden too?

Can you let me know?

I don't think god can answer this can you!


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