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Our thoughts enter and circle about in our mind
Our center is on one side or another seeking itself
To balance in harmony with the rest of our being,
The life God intends for all and those of our kind,
And society and the normal ones so they think
Are just as we though not seemingly aware
That their emotions are relatively harmonic
Not cascading as ours from the edge to the brink,
And there are those of the church that say and reject
At the same time to let go and let God, Jesus cares...
And we know this better than they imagine
For they are the ones who do not know or detect,
The true presence of life and thought and truth
So they discard though the people they are,
As many are not so our friends and are so know
That we are aware of those thoughts racing unseen aloof,
There are those that do what they can and help others too...
But know that actually it comes down to our self
On how to be and act and react for that is our being
Seeing self as life and one is not alone in what they do.

Loren Howell

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