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I think I thought a thought in joy and word so true
But when the thought was manifest it was still for me not you,
And then the time the thought expressed it brought grief and despair
For it was but a part of what was being done yet not yet to share,
It was not in idleness and also not in prayer this thought I thought I thought
For it had come so disguised in joy though not answer to a prayer but as naught,
When I saw the grief and pain that it had so engendered I knew it was not of truth
But one from the liar and thief from that devil Satan who had sent it disguised aloof,
So my thought of joy had made another to fall away from the word of my Lord
And it then caused me pain and Satan was so overjoyed by a thought I had heard,
He had first given me what I thought was right but he knew it was not true
And he felt his pride arise that he had caused not one to slip but two,
Many would have left this thing the way it had been perceived upon such a whim
Yet by the love and grace of God he showed me how my error was that of sin,
And so I did not think but received a thought from him not yet understood
But accepted this on faith and trust from my Lord Jesus that all works for good,
This thought I thought I thought that had been so joyfully disguised
Was now known that it was being held captive to further evil's demise,
And so it is with many thoughts so one does think they thought
Not all are from the Lord but rather how some are for naught.

Loren Howell

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