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Let the light shine through at the breaking of the day, As the light shines through the early morning clouds Radiating outward as the light is refracted in the sky, The first light of day signaling another night gone by

A warm golden glow breaking from a horizon far away, As the sun rises and shines on all creatures great or small They begin their day waking in the early morning light, Moving to and fro with direction by a vector of sight

Early morning light cascading from heaven to the ground, With a full eye not clouded by darkness or even a doubt Their day is bright and alive as God shines a light on them, For their light is hope and in trust and in faith and in Him

So the light shines forth from a spirit 'woken deep within, In the dawn of the day a rainbow from the heart and soul Reaching out to pierce the clouds and ever shining through, Each ray separate though still meant as a beacon for you...

Let the light shine through by words deeds and action, A light not hidden by clouds of doubt or fear and lies In the dawning of the day let the light shine from you, Knowing it is God's shining spirit through and through.

Loren Howell

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