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So it is as written in scripture and time Prophecy come to light that does shine
And that, that is, will be for others to Understanding, wisdom and what is true
By way of the narrow path and gate They too I pray walk true and straight,
And for now I am and am not you know For where comes the wind and wither it go...
And for others woes, tribulation, vials of wrath Though, not so, should they light the
only path Find their feet prepared for peace And loins girt with truth to say the
least And a breastplate of what is right and true, A helmet of salvation of blood also too
With a shield, unwavering, in faith and love By grace each day a garment of light
from above, A sword, the WORD, of Holy Spirit Should only they listen obey and hear it...
Only they would know they are not alone,
Selah, Amen, and Jehovahshalom.


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