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ON A LAKE 16 September 1999

On a lake quiet and smooth with waters
Deep and clear and clean, a pond in life
For us to go relax, think, away from strife
And that what has caused this no more matters,
We are on the lake at the end of the river
That flows from beneath the throne of God
A place not many go but it is a place sure...
God has made for times like these, not odd
For his ways are awesome and free us there
In his love protection and care.

TRUTH 31 August 1999

There is a false truth written down over time
By others who are known by their stature
By their position of greatness and mind,
Those who are rich worldly and sure...
And they know the answers and where they are
Found, in what books and the companions kept
They are sure they know the answers from afar
Yet there are many of these people totally inept,
They repeat what has been said from ages past
Their intellect grown into an ego away from heart
They are famous or powerful and so are asked
For their wisdom and answers that are from us apart
But their time is coming when all they know...
Is just another answer from the world in they live
A world separate from what is actual and true
This world where they find their answers and give
Each a response, not found in their heart but added to
By their ego and position, they tell us what they want
The people to hear and try to control them by words
Most accept as the gospel, right, concealed detante,
Yet they forget who is in control as sung by birds,
For not a sparrow falls that he does not know of
So he has sent a spirit eagle to set them in place
No small bird not able to fight, as a morning dove,
But one with power, talons sharp and shows no grace.

Loren/all rights reserved

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