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From whence it came from glories past
To light as a dove come at last
To feed on the morning table
To nest at night o'er the stable,

Coming hence to set direction
Coming hence to give instruction
Coming hence to crucifixion
Coming hence to resurrection,

A heart had no love but for a spark
Deep within cloaked in dark
Though never to be put out
Was a slave to the body about,

He loves us as our Father
His care for us like a Mother
His tolerance that of a brother
His forgiveness that of another,

The dove was misunderstood
As caring sharing as it could
No one noticed as it tried
To get out and all but cried,

Reaching out for the love above
Reaching for a spirit deep within
Trying and trying to fly again...
Then grace and mercy flew the dove.

Loren/all rights reserved

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