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As the day ended and twilight began
The evening sun was setting beneath clouds
Above, the glory of the day was fastly
Fading away, the evening just beginning
The end of another day, yet this day was
Different in an odd sort of way, for it seemed
As nothing was accomplished that something
Was left undone. What it was is now just a
Feeling that rests on the mind and heart,
What was it? Early in the morning rising with
The sun and carrying out daily chores
Contending with thoughts around though kept
At a distance, as if there was no entrance to
The day, that it was just a left over from a time
Previously displayed...though there was action
Prayer and praise to God in Jesus precious
Name and He answered every prayer and helped
Me through the day, it was different in some
Unusual way by hour minute and second, it passed
With all things done though there was something
Missing; now I think not, something was added
That I mistook for something forgot.

Loren/all rights reserved

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